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 Breitling A4131012/G757/237X/A18BA.1 Navitimer TRANSOCEAN CHRONOGRAPH 38
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Collect Breitling Navitimers, Owners Overview

Analysis of the breitling navitimer 8 owner is like a case study of multiple personality. This diversity is not a feature of the watch - it has been very firm for seventy years - but it has attracted users of the legend of the Breitling Life. No two watch collectors are similar, but Navitimer connoisseurs are a special genus; these are their species...

He is a real deal. No, the actual pilot knows to recover a stall, land in the crosswind, and bend his machine - the big machine - to what his will means. Whether commercial, private or military, this Navitimer owner is a direct descendant of the original audience of Navitimer in the 1950s.

Developed in cooperation with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), which was the first Navitimer in 1952 - or 1954; no one was certain - it was a tool specifically for pilots in the cockpit or pre-flight environment. Like the contemporary Rolex GMT-Master reference. In 6542, Navitimer combines timing and calculator borders for more precise navigation and aerial situational awareness. However, when GMT-Master assisted in judging Greenwich and local airport time, Navitimer was designed to allow all mathematical calculations needed for safe flight.

Although not the first round slide watch of Breitling - this honor belongs to Chronomat in 1942 - but Navitimer became the most famous and lasting member of this Breitling professional series.

Its calculator baffle can quickly resolve airspeed, drift, ground speed, fuel consumption and more. This is an era in which the National Space Program relies on slide rules to bring humans into orbit. Navitimer represents the most advanced technology; one can call it the original smart watch. In the mid-1950s, the Breitling Navitimer time showed that the combination of chronograph and calculator provided an unparalleled tool for the Actual Pilot.

Today's actual pilot no longer navigates through Breitling's slider Discount replica watch , but he wears his Navitimer to respect his professional tradition. We need to be clear that for modern licensed pilots, the simulated flight computer is a backup system.

However, most civil and military professional pilot training programs still require trainees to learn to use circular sliders during infusion. Wearing a mechanical diving watch like a modern diver, the world's actual pilots use their Navitimers section as their industry's calling card... and partly as the ultimate fault protection.

He may be the old-fashioned collector of the past and the general retro. Ok, maybe this is a harsh touch. But this variety of Navitimer owners is most likely to ride the 1960s Triumph, wear black-rimmed glasses, and is more suitable than pre-tied bows. No, he never wears a watch with a dress (and is ashamed to ask you). Although if you use a white wine to provide him with a filet mignon, he can become a tough character, but purists are the evangelists of his special passion.

In general, Purist does not have many contemporary Breitling models; nevertheless, the owners of these Navitimers can be the prolific collectors of Breitling's most famous watches. Purist's collection may include one or more new Breitling Navitimers, but rest assured that they are no larger than 41mm in diameter. Vintage is where the Purist is.

This Navitimer best luxury replica watches owner is most likely to have the most popular museum in the mid-century of Breitling; an early reference. 806 Valjoux 72? check. The Venus 178 is equipped with a syringe pointer, a monotonous black dial and a beaded bezel? natural. The details of Purist sweating are like the larger post-1963 sub-register and the growing AOPA wing emblem.

Although he may promise to owe allegiance to “Young Republican” cadres at a critical moment in his academic career, rest assured that Komorade, The Purist is passionate about the referee. 809 astronaut.

He is the opposite of The Purist. He reveals Breitling, dreams of polished steel, and his wrist burns under the X brand's touch. He may or may not realize that Breitling once knew a home other than Grenchen, but he still likes the results of Solothurn.
Don't be panicked by the company's majestic John Travolta movie series; ignore the life-size Vinnie Barbarino wax figure in his office. This is normal... in most cases.

The new Breitling CEO and equity partner Georges Kern will represent "corporate people" in his form and in all regions of the world. The brand's disciples live on Breitlingsource.com, flooding B-love's online forum and defending the end with branded pagan fans beginning with "O" and "R".

Navitimer owners like The Company Man see their slide rules as part of a COSC-certified arsenal, including SuperOceans, Avengers and at least one Superquartz versatility. He offers Breitling for every occasion and every application. Although the company may not know how to operate the circular slider, he is a reliable assistant. When friends asked to collect viewing suggestions, company personnel were always able to quickly use his Navitimer for flight testing.

When leaving, The Company Man always wants to remind you that there are no Breitling watches too big; some wrists are too small!

He has all the sacred things. And there is only one.

But The Monuments Man doesn't need to be an entry-level or sports watch collector by default. When he puts on a suit and eats dinner in the city, the Navitimer collector can choose Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196 or Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille. Without a simple slave, The Monuments Man might well consider his A. Lange & SöhneDatograph "Dufour-o-Graph" and about Y2K F.P. Journe Tourbillon Remontoir when the occasion requires a terrible complex function.

The Monument to his brothers will help to consolidate the status of Breitling's Navitimer. In addition to his iconic preference, such collectors may have no budget or type restrictions on the content of his choice. As an authoritative timepiece family of Breitling, Navitimer luxury replica watches can find a slot in the souvenir collection in Richard Mille RM008 and Philippe Dufour Simplicity. Navitimer is not controversial there.

Navitimer is the impact of Speedmaster Pro on Omega for Pepsi, and for divers to Rolex. The monument man has an example of everyone. As a prolific collector, he only wants a clear reference and never repeats a brand. The Monuments Man once scaled his watch Himalayas to a peak.

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